Sunday, 11 March 2012

willow smith!

DO any of you girls or guys think willow is COPPING rihanna! Well I DO! what do you think?? specially in hair!!


Saturday, 10 March 2012


Who else is pumped for the hunger games movie? I AM. Team Peeta all the way! ;) So have you checked out the characters? What do you think? Have you noticed the Hunger Games has it own wikipedia page! WOW! BTW, WATCH THE TRAILERS! Hope the movies just as good!

Katniss (:

May the odds be ever in your favour


cute babes

i have only 10 of the cutest babies, there all adorable,

everyone is unique in there own way!

_ vanessa

Unique, Crazy Style!

Have you seen lady gaga lately! OMG look at her style!! It's so unique. I love it, so jealous (:

Keep the hot new trends coming Gaga and Katy!!

- vanessa

Recycled Dresses

Have you ever seen a dress made out of pop cans or cardboard boxes? Well, I just have, and I wanted to share this awesome, creative idea with you guys! This dress was created by Gary Harvey, an eco-designer! Is it not awesome?


If you look close enough, you can see the different labels of the foods, and boxes! Cool, eh? This photo, just inspired me that anything can be turned into something beautiful. (If that makes sense...)

-Chloe ;) keepshining

Brands: Aeropostale

Aeropostale, is a pretty big brand! Almost all teens and pre-teens have at least 1 of their shirts or pants! Aeropostale is pretty good quality, but its in pretty tough competition with stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister because they all are pretty similar.  Aeropostale has a good selection of both men and women clothing, but it seems as if the women's selection is growing!?!?



As you can obviously see, its way easier to find girl aero clothes!


Tie Die!

Even though tie die seems 'hippie-ish' , some girls wear it today!

These are some cool tie dies but the cutest one has to be this:


Pink! Tribute to Women's Day!

Any shade of pink will look beautiful on ANY girl, TRUST ME! Did you know in 1886, was when pink was claimed as being a girl's colour? Pretty cool, eh? Well anyways, GO WOMEN! Here are some pink outfits thought you'd like! Enjoy!

No matter how you look, who you are, everyone is beautiful! 


Wedding Dresses! What do you think?

Here are  the prettiest wedding dresses that we found! What do you think about them? 

So cute! One of my faves! ^

I love this one, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! Anybody else think so?

Long, Flowing, Beautiful! 

It's simple but really pretty! 

Which one do you like? White or Gray? I choose White!

These are only our best dresses! If we put all of them on there would be way to many!